Measuring Success

This post is in response to the #MusicTherapyBlogger  Week 3 Challenge: Share a quote that you love and/or that makes you think. Then write your blog post to reflect upon that quote.

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The quote above by Carita Kent has been a favorite of mine ever since I came across it while reading a book called ‘A Short Guide to a Happy Life’ by Anna Quinlan. My mom had given me the book just before my high school graduation to give me some ideas on what to write for my graduation speech. As it turns out, I built my speech around that particular quote.

It’s funny how one’s opinions on success change over time.

Now, a successful day may be defined by whether or not I got to enjoy my coffee that morning. Am I right? 

However, the basic point that I was getting at in my high school speech so many years ago still applies today though.

Live each moment. Even the seemingly insignificant ones.

Particularly in today’s society, it is so easy to miss out on so many little moments because we’re engrossed in Facebook or playing a game on our phones or watching just one more episode of a show on Netflix that turns into an entire season.

All three ‘guilty as charged’ right here.

I believe that to be successful in life, you must choose to live each moment by making the uncomfortable or challenging decisions, being intentional in all you do, and by being present.

Those things shouldn’t be that difficult, but they certainly can be for me. I have a feeling they might be hard for you too.

Personally, the best way for me to live each moment and be successful is to set and stick to my boundaries, both at work and at home. The subject of boundaries is so vast, I feel it better to leave those specifics for a later blog post, but I will admit that I have not mastered the art of boundaries and, along with my business, am still a work in a progress.

So, what will you do with each of your moments? Will you live them, or will you just let them pass you by?

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